In and Out Before the Storm…

Up and out the door at 6:00 am – made for a very short night! As we started out, I prayed – and gave the day, the treatment to come, and this whole new cancer battle to God. I KNOW He is there for me, and I put words to the trust I have in Him to bring about His version of my story!


It was very foggy when we started, dark, warm and humid! Seeing the fog makes me think that the clouds have come down to visit earth before the sun comes up. As the sun did come up, it was an absolutely beautiful morning – blue skies, fluffy clouds and bright sunshine – putting the best face on the coming weather and my coming treatment. Due to next to nothing traffic, we were the first car in the parking lot at the treatment center… we took time to check email, catch up on a bit of news, and even a game of Candy Crush!


As we entered the infusion room, we were again the first ones there too – laughed to myself remembering all the church events Lucian and I have been to – and there too, we were always the ‘first ones there’ and the ‘last ones to leave’…lol! Picked out the recliner back by the huge windows that had a chair for Lucian – not nearly as comfy as mine. We then realized we had forgotten a cushion for him to put on the chair, and a book to read. – won’t forget next week!


The plan for the day was pre-meds first, then the chemo drugs, and last, the Gazyva – the big unknown in the treatment for me. The nurse got things going, and we were into treatment One – first day.  First the pre-meds – for nausea and to guard against any bad reaction that might want to make an appearance. They take about an hour to administer – and on to the chemo – the prednisone – the only one taken orally, then the three chemo drugs – and all went very well – no bad reactions to them – but lots of warnings of all the ‘possible’ side effects (don’t ya just love hearing the commercials for drugs on TV – where the list of ‘possibles’  does NOT make you want to ever take it! But, these are the weapons at hand, and we will use them all to defeat this new enemy! We shall see about which one actually show up – praying hard about those!


Now the true unknown was up and ready to be administered – this is an immunological antibody – so is not technically chemo. It finds the cancer cells, and tells your body’s immune system to come and kill it – and it has been remarkably efficient in doing just that. I will confess that I was really nervous for the first 20 minutes of this VERY SLOW IV drip – for that was the timing for the massive reaction I had when I first was given Rituxan. Watching the drip ….watching the clock……prayers with each passing moment. At what a wonderful sense of relief when that deadline came…..and went……with no bad effects at all! YAY!!!


Now the deadline went out to – when will it be done? This last infusion started up around 11:20 am….and every 20 minutes or so, the speed of the drip was increased – cannot believe how many levels of SLOW there are!! Filled in the time reading a book, nibbling on snacks, and drinking LOTS of water. We were doubly glad we had brought snacks, as the coming Hurricane must have prompted the folks who normally bring everyone lunch did not come – no doubt home trying to get ready for the bad weather. Even the treatment center will be closed the next two days – something they NEVER do – but this time they did for the safety of everyone from doctors, to staff and the patients.


Before the treatment ended, I got another new experience – I had been given before a drug called Neulasta – the day following treatment to boost up blood counts, which fall with the effects of chemo. But this time was different – no coming back to the treatment center for an injection – this little gizmo is attached to your body and has the drug onboard and timed to be delivered 27 hours after chemo. Nice to not have to make another trip for that! Once we got all that squared away and instructions given, written, and demonstrated – the IV finally gave up the last drop….and about 4:30 pm – I was done, and we were free to come home – the room was empty when we left except for staff! It was a very long day – left at 6:00 am and walked in the house at 6:00 pm – wow!

Celebrating and thanking God for a very long, but well worth it first round – next week comes round two!