My last chemo treatment was on the day after Christmas – and I was SO glad to get it and have this journey start to end!


Have to admit – this last six months of chemo have been the roughest ones of my life. I have never felt so ‘off’ and ‘not good’ for so long a time. But now it was done – and I entered another hard space – now we wait till the PET scan can be done (6-8 weeks after the last chemo). Tiny bit by tiny bit I began to feel better. I honestly thought I would bounce back much faster than I have – but at this point – any improvement is huge!


Finally the day arrived – January 28 – and off we went to the PET scan trailer. Got there early (as usual), and got signed in and put in my designated chair (JUST big enough for the recliner to fit). Then I got a couple – no – three)  heated blankets to try and stay warm – it is REALLY cold in the PET trailer – guess that huge PET/CT Scan machine puts out a lot of heat!


The nurse put in the IV and took a little bit of blood to check my blood glucose – it was 85 – no worries about being diabetic there! But they check, because it must be under 200 to be able to do the scan. Then she set up the machine which measures out and delivers the radioactive sugar to me before the scan. I’ve always thought that it is interesting that they use sugar! So – got that all administered – and now had to wait again – for around 45 minutes – so it could circulate throughout my body. I also got a too large bottle of barium contrast to drink – not cold and not good – have learned to chug it down fast as possible thru the straw so I don’t taste it so much – ugh!!


Ah, it finally came time for the scan – move to the room with the huge machine (it takes up most of the trailer which is big as a semi – so it is BIG! Had to take off my jacket – but they added a fourth blanket to keep me warm – and even one for my arms – which had to be over my head for the scan. Then the nurse added the contrast for the CT portion of the scan – and the machine did it’s thing – humming and whirring like a mad scientist had constructed it. Once that was done – we moved right on to the PET portion of the scan – which took way longer – but I just closed my eyes and prayed.


Then came the hardest waiting of all – to see what the scan results were. I haunted the MyChart – hoping for instant results – ha! The scan was on Monday – no news Tuesday – no news Wednesday – No news Thursday……but ah! Friday came with the results! Not sure how the docs feel about the patients getting the test results before they meet with the patient – but I’m glad!


The reports were short – and a couple of sentences from each part of the scan fairly leapt off the page at me – from the PET portion: “Complete treatment response since 8-13-2018. NO current PET evidence of lymphoma!” And as if to emphasize it – from the CT portion: “NO CT evidence of recurrent lymphoma!” So this is a day of thanksgiving to my Lord, Jesus Christ, for bringing me through this with a complete healing! It is a day to celebrate! Thank You, Lord!!