Linked Hearts BraceletLinked Hearts Bracelet

Linked Hearts Bracelet

A few days ago I showed you my Spring Flowers Bracelet – and it made me think of the saying ‘hearts and flowers’. So….if you have flowers, then you must also have hearts!
The tiny delica beads and peyote beadweaving stitch are uniquely suited to the sideways orientation of the Linked Hearts Bracelet pattern – I designed it to have each heart slightly overlapping the one next to it – and be a different color. I really like how it turned out!
This bracelet is 5 beads wide, and it measures , with the clasp, just at 7 inches. The ends are finished with ribbon ends, and the clasp is a lobster clasp.
Even though it is chillier today than over the weekend, still, the design and colors in the Linked Hearts Bracelet are a happy addition to the day!