Flag Verse Purse - the beginningFlag Verse Purse - before foldingFlag Verse Purse - folded - almost doneFlag Verse Purse - done!Flag Verse Purse - on the chainLove the 'stars' and stripes!

Flag Verse Purse

Today, I’m switching it up and doing a ‘show and tell’ on how this design comes to be!

The Verse Purse is one of the very first patterns I designed, and it has been a great deal of fun to come up with new variations of colors and subject matter.
This design is done in…..wait for it…..Peyote stitch using Delica beads. No big surprise there. I wanted to give the ‘idea’ of the American Flag, because there is just no way to get a whole lot of detail when the piece is just 9 or 8 beads wide (depending on the row) – it is odd count peyote – so I could make the front flap of the purse come to a point!
I made the stripes diagonal to give the flavor of the stripes on our flag, and the flap folded over is dark blue with white beads representing the stars. It took a while to make it all come together, but I am delighted with the result!
The body of the purse is just 1 inch wide, and each folded section is almost 3/4 inch. Because of the way peyote stitch works up, the strip of bead folds up very nicely – and the flap folds over the first two sections, making a tiny purse. I put a 4mm Swarovski crystal bead at the point of the front flap, just for a little sparkle.