• Kidney Cancer Awareness - March

Kidney Cancer

For some good information on this type of cancer, visit this website for the  Kidney Cancer Association

Kidney Cancer does not always come with symptoms in it’s early stages, and unfortunately, there are no screening tests for it.
There is ongoing research in this field to find the causes, to find better and earlier ways to detect it, and to bring better types of treatment to treat it, and prevent re-occurence.
I have made a miniature awareness ribbon from tiny Delica glass beads – with dark vivid orange beads in the center – the color for Kidney Cancer, bordered in white for the hope that is always there! It measures just about one inch tall, and is suspended on an 18″ silver-dipped chain.

What a nice way to show your support! Now you can wear your colors!  Only $12.00, and the shipping is included!