Cancer Awareness Ribbons


I began making little awareness ribbons, both because I love beading, but also so I could ‘wear my color’ to show my support for those with cancer, and to provide a way for others to show their support too.                                            Why, you ask? Read on!


I was diagnosed with B-Cell Non-hodgkins Lymphoma in January 2010, and underwent treatment with chemo and Rituxan – an immunological agent that targets the B-cells, and lets your immune system take them out. You can read about that particular journey
Raindrops and Sunbeams Blog
Since then, my cancer has returned – three times —–the first two recurrences were successfully treated with Rituxan alone, but this last time, it did not quite do the job, so now I am mid-way thru a two year maintenance regimen of Rituxan, with the aim that the long term will do what the short-term treatment did not.


Now…..back to the ribbons! Each ribbon is hand-woven in tiny Delica beads with a needle and thread, then crafted into a ribbon charm and put on a silver-dipped necklace. I make them for all the types of cancer I could find that have a color It is my hope that you will enjoy wearing your colors as much as I have making them!


May is the awareness month for two different cancers.

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Brain Cancer Awareness
Melanoma Cancer Awareness

April Awareness Colors

Esophogeal Cancer Awareness
Head and Neck Cancer Awareness
Testicular Cancer Awareness

March Awareness Colors

Colon Cancer Awareness
Kidney Cancer Awareness
Multiple Myeloma Awareness