Sometimes it’s the small gifts…..

Sometimes it’s the small gifts…..

I hesitated to come out and post anything after my last chemo treatment – somehow I just didn’t want to have another ‘downer’ type post about how tired and awful I felt – figured no one wanted to hear that….so I waited. The last treatment was the ‘mini’ (translate – all drugs were half dosages) after the really bad ‘maxi’ treatment, but even so I learned that it takes me a full 10 days to get back to feeling ‘myself’ again.


Now that I am feeling good again, my mind has been filled with the ‘small gifts’ I have been given – starting with last Friday… I still wasn’t totally back to feeling myself, but as we started off for another trip to Virginia Beach, I looked outside at the sky and the landscape and thanked God for providing all this beauty!  The first gift was that this particular trip to Virginia Beach was that it was not MY doctor appointment, it was my husband’s – so I was just along for the ride!


As we drove along, I looked out at the fields of cotton, which are now being harvested – like snowballs on stalks, they made the fields white as far as the eye could see….another gift! This made me think of all the huge bales of cotton – some big rectangles the size of semi trailers, and some fat round bales wrapped up in colorful plastic, all destined for the Cotton Gin. Had to look that up and find out exactly what the Cotton Gin did. The one we pass is in Suffolk, VA, and is a big metal building with a huge lot out front that is chock full of those bales of cotton. I found that the Cotton Gin (short for Cotton Engine), houses the machine that removes the seeds from the cotton, then dries, combs and bales the cotton for transport to the next step in what it will become. So I learned something new….a gift!


I worry each time we are on the road that there not be any accidents, and or other holdups on our trip – and this morning was no exception – except that the worry came true – there was an accident, and we crawled  forward for a good 20 minutes to get past the accident site. We always build in extra traveling time for just this kind of thing, but now our cushion was gone, and I was praying that we not be late to our appointment. And my prayers were answered – clear sailing over the high rise bridge, and onto the road we needed to be on….and we pulled in to the doctor’s with a few minutes to spare and a whole line of handicap spaces …..all empty! Another gift! The doctor’s appointment went well – all was good, and we were sent on our way for 6 months, instead of 3! Yep – that’s another gift!


After that, I asked if we could go to IHOP instead of our usual Wendy’s drive-thru – so after finishing up our errands, we had lunch at IHOP – and I got my favorite Belgian waffle (wondering when they stopped putting pecans on the bottom of it), and it tasted so very good – another positive change – it tasted good! So, yes, put it down as another gift!


Not the most fascinating trip ever taken, but I discovered that a lot of your attitude and feelings directly relate to how you choose to view things – and sometimes the best gifts of all are the small ones!